FIBER Poker Night Tonight – Friday April 8!


For those either coming to the FIBER Poker Night tonight and or wanting to buy a ticket as a donation, here are the event details and ways to buy a ticket.

Event Details

For Tickets: Buy through Venmo here – Venmo/FIBER

You can also buy a ticket at the event. We have a Square account to run a credit card. With any questions, reach out to us at

Location: Best Bet 201 Monument Road, Jacksonville, FL 32225

Time: Event begins at 6:30 and poker playing begins at 7:00

What’s a ticket buy? Your meal and buy-in

Re-buys: Yes, there are unlimited re-buys for the first hour at $20. Come ready to re-buy either with cash or by using Square!

Cash Prizes? Of course! 1st place $300 | 2nd place $150 | 3rd place $100

Come on out and have a good night with us!

dr. b










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