Student Services

We want you to land that job. We want you to win!

Services Provided

Mock Interview Prep Have a job interview coming up and want to simulate the interviewing atmosphere? Send us an email and we’ll set up a quick 30 minutes Q&A mock interview session with you and help you become more confident to go in and crush your interview.

Resume Review How’s your resume looking these days? Are you thinking it could use a face lift? Having a clean, concise, beautifully formatted resume is crucial in applying for jobs. Email us your resume and we will review it to help strengthen it to more readily pop in the eyes of employers.

LinkedIn Profile Are you on LinkedIn? We are! We love using LinkedIn and believe it to be today’s main tool to network and reach out to employers and recruiters. A 2014 stat said that 90% of recruiters now use LinkedIn to find quality employees. If you’re not on LinkedIn, you need to be and we can help you build a quality profile page with the right lingo and format.

Cover Letter Drafting A cover letter is the first impression an employer will have of you on paper. If you need help even trying to figure out what to put down on a cover letter to get an employer to move on to your resume, reach out to us and we can help you draft this.

Career Focus & NarrowingLet’s face it, the business and investment world is broad – there’s just so much! How can anyone know exactly what they want to do? We want to help you do some research and digging and discover what you’re truly passionate about. There’s investment banking, Fintech, financial services, private wealth management, FP&A, and oh so much more. Reach out and we can get to know you and help you narrow your focus.

FIBER is here for you as a business student to use to help go out there and accomplish your career pursuits. We, the FIBER leadership and members, are in the job hunting and recruiting trenches ourselves. Thus, we know what it’s like firsthand to have to pound the pavement to land a great job.


Additional background on FIBER:
DCOBFIBER (Finance, Investment Banking, & Equity Research) is Jacksonville University’s graduate and undergraduate student group for their most passionate business school students who are focusing on building their skill sets and network to land internships and full-time, front-office jobs in the areas of:

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

Investment Banking (Bulge bracket, middle market, and also boutique)

Equity Research (Whether for hedge funds, private wealth management firms, research publishing firms, or independent research)

While these are the three core areas of focus, we also help students pursuing any roles in economic research, accounting, financial services, as well as fin-tech.

We would love to develop a formal relationship with you and see how our student members can add value to your firm and help continue your success!


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