Investment Banking: Analyst & Associate Salaries

Now is the time to research which firms you want to pursue!

ibank salaries
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There are numerous firms out there to be making a run at for a junior analyst or associate role. Do you know which one currently rank in the top 30? The following list from Wall Street Oasis¬†points out the 2014 best paying investment banks to work for. We encourage you to begin doing your research as soon as possible on the differing firms you would want to pursue to learn more about their culture and areas of focus, and not simply what they offer in compensation. By searching each firm you can quickly begin to see their differences and which one you would want to find yourself adding value to. We encouraging you to begin thinking about which product group you would want to focus on, and what side of the industry you want to work in.¬†While the road to even land your first interview may be long, the FIBER Club is here to help and we’re excited to do what we can to get you where you want to go!