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This page is organized to allow you fast access to a focused group of employer’s career pages, for you to visit them and find roles of interest and apply. Below are a gathering of companies segmented off by location:

Out of state jobs | Local jobs

FIBER wants you to win at your career. While it can seem like it’s awfully hard to land a good job (and it is!), the reality is there are tons of good jobs out there and it takes a great deal of pounding the pavement to make it happen. We and our JU partners are here to help you do that!

For on campus help, please reach out to:

Toni Higgs – thiggs@ju.edu

Barbara Commander – bcomman1@ju.edu

Drew Hutcheson – dhutche@jacksonville.edu

FIBER Inbox – jufiberclub@gmail.com

Available Jobs

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Out of state

Goldman Sachs

Credit Suisse


Morgan Stanley

Deutsche Bank

Fidelity Investments

William Blair



McKinsey & Co.

Piper Jaffray

Coca Cola

Pepsi Co.



Advent Software



APR Energy

Black Knight Financial Services

Fidelity Investments’ Jacksonville Office

JNJ’s Vistakon

Beeline Software

Greenshades Software

Advanced Disposal




Disclaimer: The above entities are in no way directly connected to FIBER as a partner nor financial sponsor. These are simply links to the respective firm’s career services page to help generate interest in the accompanying industries in the areas of corporate finance and investing. Furthermore, FIBER in no way guarantees being able to land someone a job, but only that we can help in the process via the services we attempt to provide.