Don’t Waste Your Spring Break

Your mid-terms are done. Last minute projects have been turned in. And the sounds of cars cranking up in the JU parking lots for cross-country road trips or to go see the family are echoing. It’s Spring Break. Time to chill. Time to have some fun. Time to live as if school didn’t exist for a while.

spring break 2

While it is true that temporarily disconnecting from things in life such as school or career can prove very healthy and beneficial, FIBER wants to encourage not to use use your entire Spring Break in this fashion. Here are three tips to still maximize time at the beach while also keeping yourself engaged in your professional interests and career pursuits:

1 – Spend Time Honing Your Passions

One of the main ways to discover what you’re truly interested in is to spend time delving in and reading about many things. One way to do this is to keep up with what’s going on in the career fields you would like to pursue. Time spent reading the news right now will probably be geared toward the latest bracket-busting victories and not so much towards other items such as financial news or global events. To make doing this easier, we would encourage downloading some basic apps to help keep you engaged and developing an interests in the accompanying areas. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know. Here are four apps worth downloading to sift through headlines or listen to each morning while waxing the surf board down during Spring Break:

BB app

Seeking Alpha  — Click here for the app to be texted to you SeekingAlpha/App
SA 3


market watch





2 – Feed Your Intellectual Curiosity

There are tons of topics out there to be interested in and tons of items out there to capitalize off of both from a monetary standpoint and professionally. As a student, FIBER encourages you over this Spring Break to spend time Googling a topic you may have covered in class which caught your attention that you want to know more about. Google it, read about it, learn about it. Then, put your entrepreneurial thinking cap on and figure out how you could capitalize off of what you’re learning.

For example, you may Google “What is a hedge fund?” and then begin reading about great fund managers and differing strategies and fee structures. Then, think of how you would run a hedge fund and what your strategy would be and why. Or maybe it’s something completely different such as “Why does corporate culture bite?” You may read about current trends in this area and what corporations are doing to change this. Then, think about what you would do to change this from a business perspective.

This is a fun exercise and could really bring you back to school with a stronger hunger for learning and cultivating your career (I can already feel your inner-entrepreneur ready to start Googling!).

3 – Research. Apply. Cold-call. Follow-up. Repeat.

Look, you’re going to be graduating soon, whether you’re a freshman or senior. Now is the time to begin researching prospective employers and building your relationship with them. We recommend doing a general search for places you would want to work at. Then go ahead and apply. From here, cold-call them and ask about your application status and also about internship possibilities this summer. Follow-up and then repeat this again with another employer of interest to increase your odds.

With Spring Break upon us, set a modest goal of three places to reach out to by the end of the break and see if you can’t lock in that summer internship or get the conversation started for the full-time role.

We wish everyone a fun and productive Spring Break. See you on campus upon your return!




FIBER Poker Fundraiser – April 8

Come one, come all to FIBER’s first formal fundraiser – a POKER EVENT at Best Bet in Jacksonville, off Monument Road!

For tickets, please email FIBER at *DO NOTE tickets go up by $10 on day of event at the door*
poker event image

The proceeds will go to help FIBER’s endeavors, namely what can be seen in our operating budget found here: FIBER/Budget&Support

Feel free to invite anyone who wants to come and try and win some cash while supporting a growing student group making a difference for student’s lives at their university.

Don’t know how to play poker?? That’s okay! Because this is a fundraiser, we know many people may not know how to play. But please don’t let that stop you from buying a ticket and supporting a student group!

Items To Note:

Ticket purchase includes your food and buy-in

Student price – $30

Non-student price – $50

Unlimited re-buy for first 1.5 hours at $20


Wall Street Prep


Today FIBER announces our newest partnership with Wall Street Prep (WSP), an industry leading financial modeling firm. 

This is an exciting and strategic partner for FIBER and a huge opportunity for students to begin using WSP to learn and sharpen their skills in the area of financial modeling.

*For a WSP demo, please visit our financial modeling page*

WSP is used by some of the most noted firms and universities to train their analysts, associates, and students on how to build industry-used models.

wsp's logo

What all is offered to you as a student and FIBER member due to this partnership? 

We’re able to offer a largely reduce price on WSP’s premium package which includes the following:

What’s included?wsp cert logo

  • Financial, Valuation, M&A, and LBO Modeling Training
  • Interview Prep Webcasts
  • Excel, Accounting, and other crash courses
  • Monthly WSP webinars
  • Lifetime access and support
  • WSP’s financial modeling certification



For more information on how to receive access to this incredible offer and to learn more about Wall Street Prep, please visit our financial modeling page or Wall Street Prep.




Stock of the Week #8: Pfizer (PFE)

By: Prem Samritpricha

2000px-Pfizer_logo.svgpfe chart

2 Reasons to Buy the Stock:

  • Ibrance drug to drive top-line growth
  • High possibilities of the stock thriving in the near future


This summary focuses solely on highlighting Pfizer’s drug Ibrance and how it is changing the landscape of treating breast cancer. Breast cancer is currently one of the most lethal diseases in America. Sadly, according to, around 12% of women will pfe postacquire breast cancer in their lifetime. In 2015, there were 231,840 women who were diagnosed and of those, 40,290 died. In 2016, these numbers are increasing at a rate of 6.4%, with a .4% rise in death. On February 3, 2015, the Food and Drug Administration also known as the “FDA” granted Ibrance, one of Pfizer’s leading breast cancer drugs. It has been proven that patients who were given Ibrance live on average 20.2 months longer deprived of breast cancer and without Ibrance, 10.2 months.

Ibrance already has a good reputation as it has been recommended by 5,000 physicians and is currently being taken by over 20,000 patients. The feedback has been tremendous and has a huge effect on patient’s quality of life. At this, Ibrance is booming in Europe, so much so that it is apparent this particular drug is what is going to be key in Pfizer’s growth.


Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 2.37.09 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-01 at 2.37.51 PM.png


Investment Banking Interview Question of the Week #11


Question of the Week #11

Company A is considering acquiring Company B. Company A’s P/E is 50x earnings, whereas company B’s P/E ratio is 20x earnings. After Company A acquires Company B, will Company A’s earnings per share rise, fall, or stay the same?

As always, please feel free to email in your answers to be posted (, reply in the comment box below, or email and Tweet this question to someone who may want to take a stab at it!

Posted by Drew Hutcheson

Stock of the Week #07: Dow Chemical (DOW)

By Prem Samritpricha


dow chart

3 Reasons to Buy the Stock:

  • Changes in business model
  • Higher margins led to higher profits for fiscal 2015
  • Upside potential


Dow Chemical (DOW) has been making smart and clever moves. Since 2015, the company has changed a couple things to its business model with the most efficient move being to focus on high growth and high margin markets. The company distinguished the first polyethylene product conveyed from its Sardara joint venture plant, alongside with starting up the world’s largest propylene facility.

2015 proved to be a very decisive year for DOW as the company dumped its direct DOX compsownership of MEGlobal. It declared a reformation of Dow Corning Silicones, and split off Dow Chlorine Products and vended the AgroFresh, Sodium Borohydride, and ANGUS businesses. These moves made a huge difference, raising its margins over the past 13 consecutive quarters, increasing its earning and strengthening their cash position. In 2015, the company produced earnings per share growth of 9%, up to $2.94 compared to 2014.

The company’s cash on their balance sheets continues to steadily grow as a result of the aforementioned. Specifically, DOW’s full year managing cash flows went up by 16%, and up to $7.5 billion compared to 2014. DOW also sports a healthy dividend and is shareholder friendly having repaid $2.7 billion to investors with share buybacks and dividends in Q4 of 2015 alone. We see the strength in their new operating focus as a quality investment idea and believe DOW is set to climb higher in 2016.