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*View FIBER’s 2016 operating budget here: FIBER/2016budget*

The FIBER Club operates strictly from the club’s leadership and member fiber budget 2016sweat equity, personal paid in capital, and capital we raise from individual and corporate donors. We do this to make sure we have our own skin in the game before we approach outside donations.

All donations remain invested in the club to help create further value for all club members and the overall JU Davis College of Business student body.

How to Give Online Instructions

**All donations are tax-deductible. Please see below for a list of specific items to donate towards.**

1 – Click here to give & designate your donation: FIBER Club/Donations

2 – Select or insert the amount you wish to give

**3 – In the “Designation” drop down, select “Other” and type in FIBER Club. This designates your donation to us.**fiber-club-donate-snippet-2

4 – Send an email to Drew Hutcheson at to notify us of your donation

To Give by Check

1  – Make check out to Jacksonville University or JU

2 – Write FIBER Club on the memo line of the check

3 – Mail in to:

ju address snippet 2

The two E’s: Efficiency & Effectiveness

We aim to run the club with as much efficiency and effectiveness as possible, putting each expense through rigorous scrutiny before allocating funds to it. This is both to honor our donors and partners, but also to operate at the collegiate level with the highest ethical standards which will prepare us for our careers henceforth.

Some of our core operating costs involve the following:

  • Website maintenance
  • Compensating speakers
  • FIBER merchandise and promotional materials
  • Event amenities

2016-2017 Top Goal

Our 2016-2017 goal is to receive enough donations to allow a select, small group of DCOB’s top students to hold a roadshow trip up to New York and visit top firms within the industries we focus on, as well as the differing equity exchanges. This would be a highly exclusive opportunity, reserved only for those students who qualify and are pursuing careers within FIBER’s focused industries.

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Partnering With Us

Looking for a way to both give back to the coming generation of finance professionals, advertise your firm’s presence in the region, and also be a non-profit benefactor?

Then the FIBER Club wants to partner with you and your firm!

What’s in it for you?

  1. Virtual real estate – The FIBER Club would host your firm’s logo on our site and also regularly profile your services.
  2. Stronger local image – Partnering with us would allow your image to be seen under the vein of a local entity which gives back to the area, which in turn would strengthen your image.
  3. Pipeline of interns – In need of strong interns during certain busy seasons of the year? Or, anticipating expansion and you need to fill new roles? By partnering with us you would receive first access to DCOB’s top business students.

What’s required?

The FIBER Club would enter into a formal partnership with your firm under a signed memorandum of understanding (MOU) and you would become a formal partner and participate in what the FIBER Club stands for and is attempting to accomplish.

To discuss partnering with the FIBER Club, please email Drew Hutcheson or Hunter Forbes at

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